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  • Have you ever wondered what you could do with a $1000 a month?
  • Have you ever thought about driving a school bus? Do you like working with children?
  • Parents do you hate sending your child to daycare? Would you like to be home with them when they have no school? Would you like to bring your child to work with you?
  • Are you looking for something to do in retirement? for a little extra cash? to fit your schedule while you attend classes?
  • Think a bus is too big for you to drive? Stop in and we will put you in the driver's seat to check it out.

School bus routes average 1½—2 hours in the morning and again in the afternoon. The time between routes allows you to run errands, work a part-time job, or go to school. Our company also provides a bonus twice a year, at Christmas and in June. This can help with gift giving, vacation planning, etc. We also provide an employment bonus of $250 after 3 months of employment with us.

If you want to make a difference in a child’s life,consider being a school bus driver. You are the first and last person a child sees on the way to/from school every day. You can impact how their school day begins and ends. It may not seem like much, but it can make a difference in a child’s perception of school or life in general. As a school bus driver, you provide the safest ride to/from school. Your care of their child is greatly appreciated not only by the parents but by the entire school district.

Becoming a school bus driver means meeting some requirements, but we will help you with every step of the process. All drivers must obtain a CDL license. We have trainers who will work with you, helping you learn how to safely drive a school bus. Passing a medical exam is part of the requirements for obtaining a CDL. Our examiner is familiar with the medical requirements and has a very flexible schedule. Must be 21 years or older.

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Are you interested in or have a background in automotive or diesel mechanics? Are you:

  • ASE Certified or experienced in mechanical repair
  • Diesel or heavy duty mechanic training or experience
  • Knowledge of computers to look up parts/procedures
  • Able to do minor welding
  • Willing to obtain CDL and associated testing
  • Willing to learn/attend seminars, etc.
  • Honest, friendly, able to deal with customers

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