School Bus Forms and Information

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To Move Unsafe Stop Location

If you would like to see if your students' bus stop can be moved, please review the criteria for moving a stop (link below). If your request meets the requirements, fill out the Bus Stop Change Request form. We will review your request and let you know our decision within 2 weeks of receiving it.

To complete the form online: Click Here

Criteria to change bus stop - Criteria required for considering Bus stop change.

Bus Stop Change Request form with criteria - Use this form if you want to print the criteria and request form together.

Bus Stop Change Request Form - Us this form if you have read the criteria and only need to fill out the form.

**Please note: Students will not be able to ride the bus until you are contacted with bus information**.

Call us at 715-362-3996 or email us at if you have any questions.

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2024-25 Bus Request/Alternate

Forms received after 7/31 will not have busing until you are called. This could take a few weeks!

We provide busing for the Rhinelander School District. If you need busing, please complete/return the form by the end of July. If you need to make a change to your students busing, please fill out this form and note that it is a change.

Due to the driver shortage, routes will be set after the end of July. If your form is received after that time, you will be assigned to the nearest bus stop. Thank you for your understanding and promptness in submitting your form.

Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible. If you do not need busing at home, select no in that section and then fill out the alternate location. Please only request busing for days needed and add details in the comments section under other information. Only 2 locations will be approved.

Busing information will be sent out on postcards around the middle of August. Any requests received after postcards are sent will receive a phone call with bus information when busing is set up (this can take a bit and may not be available for the 1st week.)

To complete the form online: Click Here If you think you may have filled this out previously, please contact us and we will check so you do not have to fill out another form.

Bus Request Form - If your student needs busing for the school year, please fill out all sections that apply to your family. Return the forms in person or by any of the methods at the top of the form. Please call us at 715-362-3996 if you have any questions.

**Please note: Students will not be able to ride the bus until you are contacted with bus information**.

Call us at 715-362-3996 or email us at if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We transport roughly 2,000 students for Rhinelander School District every day. Our goal is to do that in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We review and revise our routes and stops every year based on student ridership and changing safety concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, please review the following FAQ's or contact us with any questions or concerns by phone: 715-362-3996 or email:

When you enroll your student in school, there will be a Busing Registration Form for you to fill out. The bus company will be notified and we will call you, at the phone number listed, once transportation is set up. If you move, a Change of Address Form will need to be turned into the bus company. Once busing is set up, we will call the primary number given with busing information. Setting up busing could take up to 2 weeks, so please plan on transporting your student until you hear from us.
New stop locations need to be reviewed for potential hazards. If a new stop changes a route, it takes time to notify current families on that route of a time change. At the beginning of the school year, the process takes longer because of the number of requests at that time.
Any student who filled out a BUS REGISTRATION FORM will be assigned to a route. After routes are finalized, we send out postcards about 2 weeks before the beginning of each school session. It is our hope that by that time we have as much information about ridership as possible to make final routing determinations. Once postcards are sent out, it takes time to make changes. If you did not receive a postcard after they have been mailed out (see announcements for dates) or the information is incorrect, call us at 715-362-3996.
• Accompany your child to the bus stop and help monitor behavior.
• Get to the bus stop at least 5 minutes early. Never run to catch the bus.
• Stand back from traffic while waiting. Line up at least 5 giant steps from the curb.
• Never push while getting on or off the bus.
• Help your children learn their bus numbers and review bus safety rules.
• Stay out of the Danger Zone and wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the road.
• Remain seated when the bus is in motion. Bottoms to Bottoms and Backs to Backs.
• Never put any body parts or objects out of the window.
• Keep your hands to yourself. Do not touch other students or their belongings even just for play.
• Talk quietly; do not distract the driver.
• If using electronics, it is for your use only. Use 1 ear bud only and keep the volume down.
• Always follow the bus driver’s instructions. Do not argue with them or cause a scene.
• Use appropriate language. No swearing or offensive language/topics.
• Be calm and quiet when crossing the railroad tracks so the driver can see and hear a train.
• Do not block the aisle of the bus. Keep your backpack, etc. on your lap or between your feet.
• Make sure to use the handrails. Make sure loose objects are secure so they won’t get caught.
• Do not cross behind the bus. Never walk along side a moving bus. Move out of the Danger Zone.
• If you leave something on the bus, do not go back to the bus for it. The driver may not see you.
• Never speak to strangers at the bus stop and never get into the car with a stranger.
Animals of any kind because they will cause a disruption with the other students trying to see it and an animal could get loose. Any large, oversized objects (instruments, sleds, projects etc.) that will not fit on a students’ lap should not be brought on the bus. During a sudden stop, they can injure students and block the aisle making evacuation impossible. One hand should be free to grasp the handrail and items should be able to be carried with ease. Food should only be in a lunch box or backpack and never opened or eaten on the bus. Food and wrappers on the floor can create a slipping hazard and sharing creates distractions for the driver.
Seat assignment helps with student behavior and is required by some of the schools. Transportation is a privilege, not a right. If a child's behavior warrants it, they can be suspended immediately. In most cases, the driver gives verbal warnings and multiple written warnings. A student can be suspended starting with the 3rd write-up and suspension times increase with the number of write-ups, including for the remainder of the year.
AM - All students, with the exception of NCES & parochial students will be dropped off at their school. NCES & parochial students will be dropped at JWMS where they will board their assigned shuttle bus to be transported to their school. PM - Elementary –staff walks students to the buses and drivers check to make sure they are assigned to their bus. NCES, & parochial schools-students board shuttle buses for transportation to JWMS. JWMS -School staff will be at JWMS to monitor student activity and to assist students looking for their bus. RHS -Students board buses as they arrive.
Because making sure students are on the correct bus takes time, please be patient the first few days as students, teachers, and drivers get to know each other and which bus students go on.
All 4K and Kindergarten students are required to have a parent or guardian at the stop. If there is not an adult there, the student will remain on the bus and be returned to the school (or our office if school staff is not available). Students in 1st grade or higher do not require an adult. If any child expresses reluctance to leave the bus at a stop, or if the driver perceives a threat to the child(ren) getting off at the stop, or there is a threat to the safety of the bus, the student(s) will remain on the bus and a parent will be contacted.
Due to safety reasons neither of these are allowed. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us at 715-362-3996
Send a signed note with your student stating what bus your student will ride, where they are going, and what date. If they will need to ride to this location more than 5 days, an Alternate Transportation form will need to be turned in. If it is approved, we will call you with the bus information.
Special Ed busing is determined by the school district. If a student meets their criteria, they will contact us to arrange busing. When busing is set up, you will receive a phone call from us with bus information. This could take some time because routes may need to be changed and parents contacted. Please plan on transporting your student until you hear from us.
Only students approved by the district can ride on the Special Ed buses.
Please call the bus company or email one of us. Our phone number is 715-362-3996. Email us at or
We will be happy to answer your questions, address your complaint, or let the driver know if there is a problem or compliment. Please do not stop a driver for any of these. It is not safe for the parents or the bus and it creates unnecessary delays.